Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb 11 - Finished Lily Rock Oil and Spring in California

Finishing up this 16 x 20 was a joy, so easy without any issues of what to do to make it "be" more than what I felt when I was there. Easy color choices, too because of the Color System.

The dark area in the sky is cast from my easel, and doesn't show in the finished image--even though it acts as a design element, pulling your eye to Lily Rock. I will photograph this one better at a later time. I love to hurry up!

Next week I'll be painting in the Plein Air Artists of Riverside week-long competition, and plan to do several in stages for you. Before that, I'll be showing you the "Calicobermans" that was accepted into the Art Show at the Dog Show.  I need to ship that one quickly, to arrive in Wichita before the end of this month!

On other news, those of you still caught in the awful cold, rain and snow east of here might enjoy what I saw this afternoon as I went out to move some more compost. This is from the top of the stairs which go down to the studio entrance. These large granite rocks are above the driveway and one can see how large they are by the picket fence of the rose garden down and behind them. No snow here, and still space in the March workshop! Do you see the lizards? Already out in the warm sun!

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