Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jan 6 - Lambs and the Acrylic of New Jersey

Thanks to all for the feedback on my last blog post.  Good to know we are connected through our art experiences!

Can you see where I've altered the "Uglies" from today's posting compared to the previous one?  Ah, yes... working a bit longer on a painting can help us to create the missing links to good design.  Here I've greyed down the distance, heightened the feel of the water with layers and marks,  and worked to get more of the design feel of the whole scene's time of day (overcast daylight).  No strong shadows anywhere, but darks galore in the values of the wintry day.  It's completely in the Cool Box colors, too.   It's just a 9 x 12 acrylic, and I'm sorry I worked it to this point as one of you asked to buy it at one of the earlier stages!  Gotta be quicker with me... I paint FAST.  (If you can't see the images in this post, just go to my blog for the most recent one!)

Coming home to the studio was wonderful, although leaving the love- and laughter-filled house on the East Coast (and Onslow) made me ache.  I do have new projects coming up and new workshop places and people on the horizon, and for that, keeping busy is keeping me focused.

First thing was to check on the new lambs, and I'm just over the top!  One of each gender, and the girl has a black ear, quite unusual markings.  As an artist, she just made me laugh out loud when I saw her.  I'm gentling her so she won't be as skittish as her mom, and here's a photo of her little head.  In the second photograph, her ear is black against the background.  She's on the right.  All are doing well.

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Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Oh isn't she sweet! So cute!