Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jan 4 - Flying Home, and Thoughts...

Art is a journey.  I think I've said that before, but it bears repeating.  We artists choose to be on this journey, for the most part because to NOT choose would leave us bereft of the joy of creativity.   I love painting, and making those marks that together become more than their parts.

Art is fixable.  We create some real turkeys, usually in the process of our brushes' wandering to create a finished state in our endeavors.  I call these stages "the Uglies", because they wear the mantle of being SO unfinished, forlorn, and yet with some potential peeking through the brushmarks.  Look at this painting right now.  It is deep in the Uglies, lacking (a short list) details, depth, atmospheric perspective, focal point, lost edges...  Yet I can see its potential and have taken it further along the road to completion.  I am satisfied that it has potential, and so it was easy to overlook the "uglies" part and continue to work on those areas that pull it through.

Knowing what areas to leave alone, and those areas that don't is perhaps what separates the experienced painter from the novice.  With experience, choices become fewer.  There is only so much that will work--in the mind of the trained artist.

I've been told that an unexpected birthing of lambs happened while I was gone.  I didn't know the ewe was bred when I got her, so this came as a complete surprise.  I hope to post pictures of the lamblettes when I get back.

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Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Can't wait to see the new additions to the family! Good post. I totally agree with you about knowing when to make changes.