Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14 - The Back Lit Egret Continues

Sorry about sending this a day early...!

Now the warm circle around the focal point is in, and the basic deeper values of the bird, too. This is a white back-lit bird, so the darks aren't as dark as I would make them if the object were of a different hue. But I think I can pull it off, because the temperature difference between the bird and background is so extreme, even if not in value!

It's fun to scatter the warm box colors outside the "circle of warm" found in backlit subjects as I loosely put in the vegetation at this stage. And it is fun to play with all the greens in this subject. No high values yet, except for the lights in the overhanging moss. Such fun!

Ah. The final day of the workshop. The new Color Boot Camp graduates get their final critique today (individual) and I ask them four questions: What did you find to be most valuable? What will you do with the new knowledge? What goals are you setting for your art in the next 12 months and next five years? Will I get the pleasure of seeing you again? (Actually I ask them what can be improved in the workshop as that last question, but when I say good bye to my new friends and artists, it is very sad for me.)

Tonight I pack my boxes for shipping and get ready for the early morning pickup for the airport. My next post will be from California. See you soon!

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