Friday, May 14, 2010

May 15 - Flyin' Home... Flying with the Egrets, too.

As my plane lifts off for the West Coast and home, three weeks of painting and using the Color System have fired the creative energies, and I can hardly wait to be back in my studio.

The egret painting is finished, and I thought you'd enjoy seeing a closeup of the bird itself (below), and see how the accents of color play out on the canvas. He's only about two inches tall in the 12 x 16 oil, but enough value contrast makes him believable at any distance, even without the details that are the bread and butter of wildlife artists.

I'm actually in the air, in first/business class, with free wireless internet on my laptop. Amazing that 15 years ago, this was nowhere in our reality--stuff of science fiction. Life is good!

I'm having wonderful memories of my East Coast trip, and now am looking forward to new artwork in my studio, and many communications with you, artists and collectors who have read this far.

Sadly, I'm going home to another loss--my Tibetan Mastiff Seiko (the "watch dog) passed away rather suddenly while I was gone. I will miss her, and am wondering how to replace such a gentle giant. Here's an image of her playing with Sparky. Yes, she was huge, tipping the scales at over 100 pounds. She died near this spot, one of her favorite places to watch over everyone. At the Rainbow Bridge now...

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Judith A. Johnson said...

Sorry to hear about Seiko, you have had a lot of losses this year.