Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 - Finished Painted Turtle Acrylic 9 x 12

Getting good images of paintings can be tricky, and none more so than photographing this image. The upper one is closer to the true color, yet taken indoors under artificial lights available to me. The second image (below) is taken OUTside, under overcast skies.

Taking images of paintings under overcast skies usually dilutes the warms in the Color System, because (as every Boot Camp Graduate knows) there is a pervasive blue in all shadows. That's because of the "sky shine" affecting those areas. So the true colors are warmer in the painting, but compromised in the second one below. I usually take images of my work in the morning before ten a.m., in FULL sunshine. That seems to hold the Color System well.

The last of the three Color Boot Camps here on the East Coast is in what they've dubbed "Tearsday", (as in Monday, Tearsday, Wednesday....) It happens when there is so much useful information. They are processing it and it seems so overwhelming to them. But there are benefits to being on the farm--they got to see a horse being shod in the barn below the workshop space.

This acrylic original with the river story is available for $250 directly from me, in the good color version that's somewhere between these two. Just let me know.

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