Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb 12 - Still working on the Polo Ponies Oil

It is really coming together now with the start and the addition of the warm box palette in those grassy sunlit areas! The Color System works so well, because it was just an easy switch of the boxes to get to this point, and you can see how the dynamics of adding the warms makes the painting read right.

The colors in the grasses are not pure by any means, but are from the warm box, with the dominant pigments being sap green, cad yellow and cad orange. Can you feel the heat there? It contrasts so beautifully with the blue-green shadows laid in yesterday. Again, no edges worrying me at this point, just the big shapes.

A good weekend ahead, with fun, painting and laughter. I hope yours will be as much fun.

Many of you asked for mor info about my aikido training, so I thought I'd send along a photograph taken in front of the shomen (front of the mat area) at the place where I train. Yes, that's me, ready to take on all attacks. I'll be continuing with my training for as long as I can, and that will be many more years. It gives me connection in so many ways, including to you.

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