Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb 11 - Demonstration in OIls for Hemet Valley Art Association Continues

Here's the 16 x 20 oil demonstration for the Hemet Valley Art Association after about 10 minutes with the brush on the canvas. I'm completely in the Cool Box of the Color System for these lower values, all representing shadows in the composition. I like to start with darks, painting UP to the light as I work.

Most interesting at this stage is the "warm" reflected light on the belly of the third horse--a gray. That's a "peach" color made by white, alizarin and yellow ocrhe. Great illusion of warm where it is needed. I do admit that the luscious blue-green of the Thalo green and white mix in those shadows gives me shivers of excitement, though! More tomorrow, and I hope you're enjoying the development of this one as much as I am.

I am not interested in edges or tight control, but more in the masses of value. Like good construction, one ensures that the walls are sturdy before putting in the windows!

Yesterday's email went out with a video on my martial art in it, and if you were not able to see it, I have it on my blog for yesterday. Worth a look! And I'm looking forward to teaching the Color System workshop this coming weekend, too!

Yes, life is good. Now where did I put my pina colada? Hmmm.... (grin).

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