Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feb 10 - Demoonstration Painting, the Beginning....HVAA

Today I had the pleasure of going back to Hemet and meeting 80 people who had come out to see my demonstration in oils. It was a wonderful afternoon, and everyone seemed to have a good time watching me paint and chatter along about how I do these images. I didn't quite finish the painting, but did photograph it in stages as I painted it. So here's the first step. This is a 16 x 20 canvas panel, and comes from source material I took while at the Kentucky Horse Park several years ago. This is the initial drawing of the polo ponies tied and resting beside their trailer, and shows the essential design. The canvas has been toned with a warm "peachy" middle value, and I draw the essential shadow shapes as well, so that the whole design is cohesive and shows the structure. The drawing is done with a brush filled with burnt umber thinned to an ink-like consistency.

The demonstration went well, and I have the wet canvas behind me, and will finish it tomorrow in the quiet of my studio.

Many of you have asked how it is that I do all that I do (in my 60s) and how I can be so positive and caring as I face recent challenges. I offer to you one of the major reasons I am able to live with joy and physical fitness (Believe me when I say I was pudged out and lost 27 pounds doing this!). The more I learn, the more it trains me to handle whatever life throws at me. I'm ending my third year of training now.

Although a true martial art (deadly and effective), it is based upon a philosophy of blending and taking the energy of what comes at you, without "winning" or resisting the attack. Powerful stuff, both on the mat and in my mind.

And now I'm sending this to you before I leave to spend a few days with a close friend in a gorgeously beautiful place, rejuvenating, relaxing and reassessing. Life is very, very good.

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