Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 10 - Continuing the Labrador Oil Painting, 20 minutes in

Blinga-bling! Twenty minutes into the demonstration at the Canyon Lake Art Association, and more of the canvas is covered--this time with the grays and sky areas made with the three Big Ones--Alizarin, Yellow Ochre and Ultramarine Blue (with white) to create these harmonious grays.

If you put your hand over the left side, and just show the right side, you can see that even at this early stage, the colors are beautifully harmonious--all coming from the Color System's Cool Box!

Other news, with our mid-70s weather, I've been working with the mustang and bonding with him in the corral. It is a lot of fun to have a young horse again--he's stout as a tank, still growing at 15.2 and even in winter woolies, he is a beautiful buckskin. I leaned all over his back today, and worked on reining left and right. And today (Sunday) I played water volleyball for almost three hours, so my shoulders are sore. Great exercise!
Here's a picture of him still in slick clothes. BIG mustang feet, too.

So even though it gets hot in the summer, there are certainly good reasons to enjoy California in the winter (what winter?). I know much of the country is in a deep freeze right now, and I hope all are doing well in coping with the ice and slush.

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Karen McLain said...

I am enjoying the Labrador demo. All the best to you with your beautiful Mustang too!