Saturday, January 09, 2010

Jan 9 - First ten minutes on the Labrador demonstration

I'm changing the source material from a late morning time to a backlit sunset, so the challenges to work the Color System are at hand. Looking at an image that can only guide the anatomy and then mentally rearranging the lighting and colors while talking to a group in a live demonstration has to be either very courageous, or totally nuts.

So I start with what is for me caution, only laying in the areas that are not going to be profoundly altered nor need major revisions later. Hey, play it safe! These are all cool box mixes, most notably the yellow ochre/burnt umbers in the dog and distant trees, with the counter point to these "oranges" being the blue and blue violet water reflections of the evening sky.

Last night I painted another dog painting, and captured it in stages as well--deadline to send off the submissions for the Art Show at the Dog Show is today, so this one, entitled "Entangled Relationships" will be my blog posting later this week. Late night in the studio, whew!

Now I can get back to painting the second (acrylic) for the Misty Light DVD this week. Cameras rolling?

I'm hearing positive feedback from the workshop folks on the East Coast--still a few slots at the Georgia Farm, the Carriage Museum in central Florida, and the Maine workshop at Mt. Desert Island/Acadia National Park. Looks like all will be filled, in spite of the economy. Why not take a restful mini-vacation and learn the Color System or plein air? Just email me and I'll put you in touch with the organizers for one of the few remaining spaces.

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