Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 14 - Oh dear... Problems!!! (All Fixable)

Ten more minutes and I'm making a bad problem worse. If I were in the studio, I would have taken a break, had a cuppa coffy and taken one huge step backward to see what was going on and what was going wrong with this painting.

The "essense" is there, but the values and colors are off in many places. I'm thinkin' (wrong) the dog's shadow side needs to be lighter because after all, it's a yellow lab and yellow is light, right? Not always, and making that shadow side as light as I have loses the "pizazz". The buzz and zap of color excitement is eluding me and I'm at a loss as to how to pull it back and fix it as I'm painting it. I'm talking and entertaining the group, so my focus isn't on the deep introspection of a quiet plein air location or standing in front of my easel in the studio, in company only with myself. Hey, it happens....

I had a doubt about sharing this painting at this "uglies" stage with y'all, but realize that perhaps the benefits outweigh the chaos in that someone can learn that artists "of a certain level" still can make major mistakes.

Tomorrow it will get better. (Didn't Annie say that?) Ha!

The weather here has been in teh 70s and sunny, and I've enjoyed the winter pruning of the roses and other garden plants, and also the lemon harvest. My freezer is already full of squeezed lemons, so the bumper crop will be donated. It's good to give back the excess. And I've been working on editing the Misty Light DVD, too. Hours of work, but all good footage.

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