Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 12 - Continuing to Cover the Demonstration Canvas

I skipped through a couple of ten minutes sessions to get you to this point because I want you to see the bigger picture of what happened. I'll add one of the earlier ones below for clarity. The Warm Box is open now, and I'm putting in the cadmiums that are int he sky on the left, and also in the water reflections.

The splash under the dog is WAY too green, and the blue is too strong--got carried away there, and didn't even see it until much later. That's the down side of painting for a demonstration, talking, and changing the time of day on source material! I'll pull it through and modify it later, but wanted you to see it now. That's because no matter what, everyone makes mistakes as they work through the process of painting. It's knowing where those mistakes are, and how to correct them, that may separate the less experienced painters from the pros. I can also see that the values aren't dramatic enough to convey the backlit evening time, so there is another major "fix" that will have to occur before I can call it done.

That's like life, though. We go forward, thinking we're doing what's right and "proper", only to be caught up short with new knowledge that radically changes our behavior and our outlook on things, as we formerly perceived them. In art, we can stretch our wings into new directions, as long as we are not shackled to the expectations of galleries and collectors. In life, the restrictions are more insidious--sometimes coming from within ourselves, even! So I'm leaning into my ARTIST mindset, and making some fun and exciting choices about how I'm going to spend the rest of my life. Conventional wisdom can go pound sand--I'm having FUN!!! The art is reflecting that outlook--more free, more interesting subjects and truly exciting to create. Life is GOOD.

Oh, yeah, good except for the cortizone shot they poked in my hip today. Seems I have a touch of bursitus from the motorcycle accident and the doc thinks that this shot will fix me up right 'n' proper. I'm not to do anything but WALK for three friggin' days, so she says. That is SO not fair. I want to chase my horses, fall all over the mats in aikido and dance the night away! OK, so I'll find a bucket of patience somewhere.... Friday cannot come too soon for this lady.

Still have one or two spaces in the February Color Boot Camp coming up Feb 12-15. Best value for your artistic money, in that this will not change your style or method, but will profoundly affect your color choices and color harmony in your work! Email me for the information. It promises to be an intimate and enlightening opportunity for you, right here in my studio.

Here's the one prior to the covered canvas image, and I can easily see I lost my concentration in that splash area, and the dog doesn't have much detail...

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