Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jan 7 - Art Show at the Dog Show Entries... Lessons!

Lesson painting time!
I'm starting one of three paintings for the Art Show at the Dog Show with entries due in their hands on the 14th of this about cutting it close!
Modus operandi, but I think you'll enjoy the stages of this fanciful and spiritual painting. I have always loved the idea of guardian dogs--we have the two Tibetan Mastiffs who guard us and the livestock, and both my husband and I have owned Doberman Pinschers in our past. Since I love the grace and royal demeanor of these dogs, it seems natural to do a painting for this show with that theme in mind.

Here's the first "go-pass" on this 18 x 18 inch acrylic, and the design comes out strongly right away. I'm looking at it over my shoulder, and the strength of the circular movement of the angel wings on the dog and the lifted, protective paw on the sleeping child already form a strong, connected design. Destined to be entitled "Guardian", just starting this painting made me feel sheltered. Even with these thin layers of dark acrylic, the viewer can see the structure of the dog. It will be corrected and detailed as I build the upcoming layers.

I finished my husband's painting, and here is the end result--a 30 x 40 oil. Yes, I'm in it now--second from left--but you'll have to go to his office to see me up close!

WORKSHOP! I've added a new workshop for April, here in my studio, and it is filling already. If you couldn't get into the February one, which filled a week after I opened it, you have a second opportunity. April 3-5, it promises to be another exciting Color Boot Camp. Click here.

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