Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan 10 - Guardian covered, but not finished

The Doberman "Guardian" is at the stage where I start to put glazes and additional layers on these first fill-ins to develop and set the light, shadows and design.

It's coming along now,and I could list the bazillion areas I'm going to change, but it still needs many more layers of acrylic paint to really put the "punch" in the lighting. Since I know what needs changing, I won't bore you with that long list, but will get after it to finish it up. That deadline of Monday approaches for the Art Show at the Dog Show (Kansas City)!

In handling this painting, there are two images that are being used as references for it--one of a Doberman that has long since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, and a sleeping child from an old magazine (black and white). The wings are from my chickens who don't approve of modeling, but that's how I get their structure--even tho' fanciful. Now who would think "chicken wings" when guardian angels come to mind? Having the flock out back has been a boon to bird paintings. Hmmm, can they be tax deductible as models? Ha!

The Plein Air Artists of Riverside are here today, and here's a few of them in our back it's off to see how the pot luck is coming!

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