Friday, January 02, 2009

Jan 2 - The Commission of Aikido Continues

The aikido painting continues, and now I know that there will be six seated figures, all friends from the mats of various dojos.

Symbolism abounds here, as our teacher Ace Atkinson is overlapped by the founder of aikido. Rowdy is painted against a lighter, more ethereal wall, and our current aikido friends flank me on either side (that's going to be me second from left).

Now that I've solved the issues with who's where, I can come back and paint in the mats, and detail out the rest of it. Note that I put the Japanese socks on O Sensei (the older man in the foreground), and I had to photograph Alberto's foot to get that part right. Fun how references are needed and found as they occur.

On other news, we are going to be adding a second livestock guardian dog to our critter list--another Tibetan Mastiff, like our Seiko. This pup is a male, and is coming from Shadowmear Tibetans. Here's his puppy picture-- I am fairly certain his name will be Shadow, following the "oh" sounds for most of the dogs here (Seiko, Onlsow, Qso)

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Rita said...

I think your husband and all your friends are going to love this painting! I hope you plan on getting it photographed for giclees! Your work is beautiful Elin! Rita

Artist-How-To said...

LOVE your blog!

Sharon Crute said...

Puppy is precious. I love your blog too, and appreciate following along with your process.