Saturday, October 06, 2007

October 6 - Aspens at over 9,000 feet!

Original acrylic, 14 x 7 inches. Using those acrylics in the pill boxes with the felt in the lids is working so well, I have no desire to even get out the oils for this trip! On Wednesday, Gwen, Suzanne and I met up on Escuadilla Mountain to capture the absolute beauty of the changing color of the aspens, and we weren't disappointed! The sun would break through scudding cloud masses, and my camper's oven was cooking the pot roast for the campfire gathering that night. Then the weather changed to lightning and thunder, and we beat feet for cover. I had done this painting as the second endeavor for this area, and finished it safely dry at the camper's dining room table.
It sold to an Arizona collector on the opening of the gallery show yesterday, so "I'm a happy camper" (truly!)

The photo below (on the right) is of Suzanne and Gwen looking at the scenery.

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