Thursday, October 04, 2007

October 4 - Still in the White Mountains, with Acrylics!

The first morning after arriving at Hawley Lake, I awoke to mist and cool weather--portent of the rain that was to come later in the day. What to do but pull out the acrylics and paint the picnic table and the view across the lake!

This is a gallery wrap 9 x 12 and I'm looking at it sitting on the dashboard of my truck==the greens are more vivid than this image conveys...Now, all you folks familiar with the Color System know that 99 percent of this painting was done with the cool boxes. Do you see that areas under the left end of the picnic table? That flash of burnt sienna is what makes this painting work. OK, it breaks a rule, but sometimes that is what makes painting so much fun!

I've painted three more, but will have to wait until I get the photos in the computer. Now it is starting to rain again, and I need to get out of town and back to the lake before full dark. Here's a snapshot of the lake from my camping spot--with the evening clouds reflected. See you soon!

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