Sunday, October 07, 2007

October 7 - Diptych in Acrylics, 12 x 24 inches, aspens on location

Here's the acrylic 12 x 12 diptych which was/were the first paintings started at Escuadilla Mountain. I taped them together across the back, and drew in the design of what I saw (see yesterday's image of Gwen and Suzanne painting to see my view). I wanted each one to stand on it's own, even tho' they were painted to be a duo, to hang together. They are gallery-wrapped, painted on the edges, which are 1.5" deep. Right now both are in the Joyous Lake Gallery in Pinetop-Lakeside for this month's show.

The process was to paint the largest shapes, in three major values (dark, middle and light) establishing the basic value plan in the inherent colors. Then breaking down each area into smaller and smaller bits, using either lighter or darker values to make each shape more interesting. For example, the aspens were laid in with a mid-value of sap green and cad yellow and white, and then subsequent layers came in to define the lighter and darker areas.

When I turned around in my seat, I could see behind me to my camper. That's where I took shelter as we literally ran from the lightning from the thunderhead that appeared so quickly. Sure doesn't look like it in this image! I just love the darks under the aspens, and those light trunks. Paintings in all directions!

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