Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 17 - Dog Commission, Stage Two

As I start to cover this 38 x 50 inch canvas, I'm doing what I can to keep the values light and bright, (high key) so that the collectors needs will be met. It is coming along well now, almost ready to drop into the "Uglies". Those of you familiar with my DVDs will laugh along with me when I say that, because "we" know that every painting goes deep into the "Uglies" before coming out the other side!

The 8 x 10 reference photographs are mounted on each side of the painting hung next to the wall to show you the five images from which I am taking my inspiration at this time. Each dog has a characteristic "look" to it, and no two dogs are the same--thus the specificity of dog portraits, and the general blanket acceptance of cat images. I'm quite pleased with the colors and developing atmosphere right now, and will begin to tighten down and detail out after I finish the underlayment on the upper right corner. It's all being caught on digital video, too! (However, I am not talking!!!)

I'm sending a bit early, as we have plans tonight and I plan to have a couple glasses of wine! No can do and come home and paint...sigh.

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