Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 27 - Even Garages can be pretty

The second painting from last Saturday's painting time with the plein air artists of Riverside. This is a 6 x8 oil, and I set up my easel just in front of my horse trailer, and painted the evening light on the side and front of the garage. The title of this painting is actually "The Green Tub" because that really is the focal point.
Someone today asked me why I've been so committed to painting and delivering an art lesson or painting every day since October 12 of 2005, and I replied, after a pause to think, "Because I don't feel my day is complete without opening my heart and mind to the wonderful people who are expecting to see the image tomorrow." I went on to say, "I offer these paintings as a gift. Whatever ability or training I am manifesting in these canvases are as if a gift to these patient and delightful people." You are friends, collectors, and/or artists. The rigors of daily painting give back to me as well, in becoming a better artist, and demonstrating discipline for the practice of painting.
Now tomorrow, since the paint is at least partially set up on it, I'll continue the two horses in the snow!

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