Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10 - Cowgirl at Work

"Babysittin' for Better Wages" I used to babysit many years ago (made me realize I really didn't want to have children), and since I have always loved being on the back of a horse to changing diapers, I painted this painting. This better version is for sale for $550 unframed, but I plan on exhibiting it at my one artist show opening on May 19 in the Temecula Community Theater.
Now, for artists, this painting used to be on my site in an earlier form, and it was done when I was still working with the color system. This 16 x 12 oil painting still has the Color System in it, but I have a much more subtle hand in using it. See if you can figure out what I changed, and why. I repainted about 75% of it. I hope you enjoy the changes, for here's the old one:

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