Monday, May 08, 2006

May 8 - Drawing of My Folks

"Herald Tribune" Some days I create art purely for myself.  Today was one of those days.  A major switching of gears, too, as this is neither oil nor acrylic, but Conte crayon on Stonehenge paper (usually used for silk screen printing)!  It depicts my Mom and Dad on one of their many trips, Mom with her crossword puzzle in the newspaper and both with characteristic hats, somewhere where there were glaciers.   I can say that paintings get "into my head" and need to be released to make room for more.  This one came into my head because near our dining room table is a photograph of my folks in a more traditional pose, hanging on the wall by the bookcase.  I've been looking at it during every sit-down meal, and the idea to draw them has surfaced more than once as I glanced at it.  I used to draw all the time, and enjoy it for its quickness and mark making.  Looking at the photograph and also the drawing, I like this more relaxed one much better.  Original drawing,  17 x 16 inches. Staying in the "Collection of the Artist".

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