Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9 - Clydesdale Foal

"Joi de Vivre" Back to painting my beloved horses!  This painting, an original oil, depicts the absolute joy of living that horses, especially young ones, seem to have in great abundance.  I like the cocked head, the feeling as he catches your eye, as he glances back at you, that you and he share the life force of living, and you both know it.  This is a young Clydesdale foal, one of the heavy draft horse breeds, and I really, really enjoyed painting it.  I don't normally do "head shots", as there are so many artists who can do them incredibly well.  But somehow this fellow caught my eye, from part of a photograph I took while at the Draft Horse Classic.  Six by six inches, on gallery wrap (no frame needed). SOLD

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