Friday, November 24, 2006

November 24 - Lesson Painting "Morning Fishing" Finished, Acrylic

"Going Fishing" I think I have the painting where I want it now, and again I ask you to compare it to yesterday's unfinished form. It has many more layers of color, and I feel as if the misty feel and the coolness of the weather are in place. The focal point is complete, the two figures, a lady and a man, are loading their gear in the boat for a morning of fishing. This was completely from my head, without any photo reference, so please be kind! I'm off tomorrow to ride and relax, although not going to the desert as planned due to the traffic and so much to do around this house. I'm not disappointed at all, since decorating for the holidays is always a fun time. And my hubby has built some wonderful shelves for frames and canvases, and I need to fill them! $300 from the Daily Paintings web site for November.

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