Monday, November 20, 2006

November 20 - Desert Light (Palms)

"Desert Light" I will be heading for the desert for a couple of days after Thanksgiving on Thursday, taking the horse, and my camper, and my dog. I've got my mind on the desert landscape, and painted this to set myself up for the fun of going and painting for a few days. I hope to be able to post the daily paintings while I'm there--going out to a coffee shop--but if I cannot do it, I want you all to know I will be busily painting and sending all of them on Sunday.
This 8 x 10 oil is done with Dorland Art Wax, a jar of which I found in the move and set out to use. Dorland's is a great medium to add to paint to create stiffer texture and to increase drying time. It looks and behaves like Crisco, without the melting issue. I bought mine from many years ago, yet it is still as good as new. This is a nice little painting--looking over the other desert pieces I've done, it has the best color. $125 from the Daily Paintings Web site for the 20th of November.

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