Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November 21 - Lesson Painting, Lake and Boats

"First Pass" I didn't get the first lay-in on this 24 x 30 acrylic, it went so fast, I forgot to take a picture! This is another water painting in acrylics, and will have two fishermen getting into the first boat on the left when it gets further along. They'll have their gear and rods, too. I know what I want to say with this painting, and that's the story of two early risers going out for a morning of fishing on a pine-rimmed lake. A far cry from the dry, warm weather we've been having here, and not at all the desert coming up this weekend. Tomorrow is the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and my beloved spouse and I will spend it quietly together without guests. This is a far cry from the last couple of years, when we went to see my Mom in her assisted living place, where she arranged to have a cadre of her resident friends come together for a table to create a "family". Some of the residents there didn't have close relatives, and were alone. We enjoyed going over, bringing laughter and stories to the holiday table. Tomorrow will be reflection and love right here. I hope yours will also have closeness and sharing.

This first lay in is done COMPLETELY with the cool palette, lots of thinned glazes of alizarin and ultramarine blue and burnt umber. Very loose and yes with enough realism to keep you knowing what is coming. I'll move to the warm palette to add the final sky, the figures and the water reflections...but that's tomorrow!

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