Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November 22 - Lesson Painting, Stage Two, Acrylic

"Second Pass" Ah, the wonders of acrylic paint! Check out the difference between this painting and the one from yesterday. Much has changed, and in my mind's eye, the story is more powerful and the lighting far better as I move toward reaching the goal of telling a story at a particular time of day. Now how did I get that feeling of light so much stronger behind the trees? Contrast. The trees aren't any darker, but the sky became more pure in color. I put cad yellow and cadmium oirange with only a scosch of white to it, and lightened the distant water with the sun's reflection.
And now your eye immediately goes to the two people in the first boat , because it is human nature to look for whatever has a heartbeat in any painting. Before, you'd look over the boats or tree shapes because they repeat with variety. Still more work to do on this one to complete the water and solidify the boats and folks, yet I'm much happier with it now!

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