Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31 - Paniolo in Hawaii (Cowboys)

Back at our "ranch" now, and yet I'm still thinking about the ride on the sides of Haleakela, and those paniolo cowboys with their rich traditions and history. This is an acrylic, OH! Did I mention that my pill boxes came through the trip just fine, including being in checked baggage? I had some minor leakage around the lids, but all-in-all, the one set of pill boxes lasted me 10 days with refills only on the white and ultramarine blue. Even painting every day! Now I know (and you do too!) that you can travel without tubes of paint!

 Now where was I?  Oh, yes, cowboys and color. One thing I mentioned about Haleakela and the clarity of the air in Hawaii is the brilliant sunshine. I've tried to capture it in this painting, simple in design, with a complementary color scheme of yellow green and red violet, and pushing the values so that the lights are lighter and the darks are darker. That creates more drama which I'm hoping creates that feel of brilliant light.
 The painting is 10 x 20 on board, over handmade paper, and I might hold it for the Hawaiian market. There's a gallery there that wants to carry any paniolo paintings I do. This is the first.

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