Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13 - Tennis, Anyone?

"Tennis, Anyone?" This is a 10 x8 watercolor on watercolor canvas, which I painted "en plein air"--which means I was looking at the scene while painting it. I was sitting on a porch swing on one of the older houses in Lexington, looking across to the public tennis courts, where three players were exercising and enjoying a late afternoon day of tennis. People and dogs walked by, there were kids on skateboards, and it was just a lovely afternoon after yesterday's rain. The watercolor canvas will be sealed, and can be framed normally without glass. $100 Available from the Daily Paintings for September for this date.
The workshop day went really well, with the students exploring the many ways acrylics and texture can become acquainted, and learning that the possibilities are endless for the creation of exciting illusions and actual textures using this medium. I started a demonstration painting of how texture can work, creating a snow scene I'm hoping to use for the upcoming back cover of Horses in Art, winter issue.  You'll probably see that one finished tomorrow, it is a 12 x 9. After working until 2, we went to the University of Kentucky where there was a show of Landscape paintings, and I gave of my knowledge of design and art history to the students as we saw the Corots, the Monets, the Sisleys, as well as their permanent collection. Nice!

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