Friday, June 09, 2006

June 9 - At the Museum, painting #1

"New Acquisition"  Tonight I was a guest with a handful of other artists painting along inside the Riverside Art Museum (or RAM).  The museum was host to a special event, and we were (I think) a form of entertainment.  Parked in a side gallery (with one of the bars!) traffic was light, and most all of the attention was going to an artist who was doing oil sketches of folks who sat down for a portrait -- she was giving them away.  She had quite a line.  So I leaned into my harness and painted two paintings without much interruption.  Studio time away from the studio!  The first I'll post later, here is the second one.  My husband came to cheer me on, and he ended up sitting for me, under a large abstract.  I liked the design of the pose and asked him to stay still.  I like the looseness of it and the flat areas of color.  It was fun to paint someone else's work, too!
  Original oil, 16 x 12 inches.  

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