Thursday, June 08, 2006

June 8 - On location at the Santa Rosa Plateau

"Approaching Fog Bank" On the Plateau with another artist this evening, and the weather was changing as we painted. Roxanne was able to get two great 9 x 12s and I as able to do three small ones. This is the first, in the early evening across the Sylvan Meadows area where I rode my horse last Sunday. The light kept going lower, and the coastal fog from the ocean was billowing up behind us, and the desert thunderheads were visible 100 miles to the east. Roxanne was visited by a rattlesnake, she was concentrating so much that the creature was almost upon her before she noticed it and lept away. She called me and I threw a chunk of wood at it, and it swiftly about- faced and buzzed off into the tall grasses. Nothing like a little adrenalin to motivate some brushwork, eh? Original oil, 5 x 7
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