Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14 - Black Draft Horse Team

"Watching the Parade"  An original oil on board, this 24 x 30 is one I had planned on showing at the opening this week (with delivery tomorrow), but when I went to look for a frame, I found none, having used up the other frames of that size already on other work.  I have 24 paintings to deliver tomorrow to the gallery space with 54 linear feet of wall space--I wonder how they will manage to hang them all?  Not my problem, which is good, since I have a full plate this coming week with other things.
  This painting wouldn't have made it into the shown pieces anyway, because I got it on the easel and went after it, after studying it for a while.  In the image I've attached, you can see the new areas because of their sheen and my bad photograph.  I like working over pieces, as I have a certain amount of confidence that they are not finished until I have a gut feeling that they are.  Comes with time and practice, I imagine.  I especially like the design of this one, and the brushwork.  Each of the parade watchers is done with as minimal of brush strokes as possible.  I think this one will have some value some day.  (Beyond today's offer at $650).

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