Saturday, July 27, 2013

Redwoods and More Painting

 While waiting in the parking lot of Hearst Castle, I had time to open the oils and paint this 5 x 7 of the view to the hills south. This image doesn't quite show the colors true to the painting (they are richer and more detailed), but I'm happy with the composition.

The little Guerilla painter thumb box (for 5 x 7 panels) works wonderfully well in "transport" mode, where space is at a premium, as on the motorcycle. I can carry all my plein air gear in a small pack that straps handily right on top of the requisite luggage for road trips. The contents include:
1. The Guerilla Painter box
2. Brushes
3. Tin for mineral spirits
4. Drink bottle full of mineral spirits
5. Paper towels
6. Cotton garden gloves that I use for painting (also keeps the sun at bay!)
7. Roll of wax paper and heavy-duty rubber bands (for packing the semi-wet paintings face-to-face with wax paper in between)
8. Small tin of Vaseline for cleaning brushes (no need for soap!)
9. Pill boxes with two days cut off--I have tubes of white, burnt umber and pthalo blue that are added as needed to the mixing palette, so I only have five pill boxes with cool and five pill boxes with warm colors.
Here's an image of the setup. It works really, REALLY well.

The trip has been over 1200 miles so far, and just AWESOME!!

Oh, here's a link to the video of the Avenue of the Giants from the motorcycle! Turn DOWN your sound, since the wind noise and Harley pipes are loud.
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