Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coast Highway of Northern California

Staying in wonderful Mendocino on the north-central coast of California is one of the greater pleasures of being an artist. A little bed and breakfast overlooking the water, and then a day of painting out on the Headlands.... can it get any finer? I imagine so, but for me, this return to painting with gusto and energy is just precisely what I need--and now I have--along the California coast.

"View from the Headlands" Original oil, 5x7 inches, $100 for this or any of the other paintings that I'm creating on this journey. Just email me....

The sun has been peeking out between the fog banks, and the drive down from Fortuna yesterday was spectacular.

With both hands on the handlebars, the Harley curved around jaw-dropping heights to the sea below. Mere photography cannot put the stomach-knotting reality of one's own impermanence on this earth as does being in the moment and living it with nothing but air and a tiny guard rail between you and eternity. Enclosed in a car would not give me this feeling of being totally ALIVE on this trip, as did that route.

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