Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Repost - Dec 1 - To the Snow, and The Snow Painting

The painting has tons more details at this phase, but it isn't finished yet. There are many areas that are too rough for what I like to see in my work nowadays, and so I'll need to work over those areas before calling it quits and signing it. I don't have the sunrays coming through the trees yet, either. Tomorrow!

Even with oils, it is possible to work into wet paint and put those filmy sunrays shining through. How? By careful handling of your brush. It should almost be flat against the canvas to keep from disturbing layers underneath. Even my stiff filberts can do this delicate task when held horizontally near the canvas.

The snow in the foreground feels mighty cold right now, unlike the snow I experienced yesterday on my ski day at Snow Summit!!!!

Thirty-three years later, and I am back on the slopes! The equipment has changed, but the snow's the same! I had such a good time with a group of fellows in my age range, and we skied our buns off! I even put a couple short, less than one-minute movies on YouTube here, and here. Yeah, that's my shouts of joy and laughter in there! Couldn't help myself...SO much fun!

I'm definitely going back again....
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Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I never did learn to ski. I had trouble staying upright even on the little hills we have here in KY!! Glad you had fun!