Monday, December 06, 2010

Nov 25 (Sent On) - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy holiday to you all! Here's the latest on this 16 x 12 oil of ....brrrr.... snow!

After the dark structure is laid in on this oil, I go for the midtones, putting in the large shapes of the snowfall, keeping my brushwork loose and not worrying about edges at this time. Squint at the painting, and you'll see that already it is doing what I've asked it to do--create a strong diagonal tension with the shadow shape and the opposing fence line.

Unconsciously I also created more value changes in the shadow snow nearer the viewer--an essential way to convey something closer on this flat surface.

Can you perceive the heat of the thalo blue under-painting in the non-painted areas? That's a subtle guide to me to keep adding cools for the dominance they will have in the final painting. The warms are the accents and surround the focal point.

Happy (USA) Thanksgiving to all of you out there enjoying traditional meals and gatherings of loved ones (and ones you can only tolerate once a year or so). I was spending this day solo, but have a last-minute invitation that I just couldn't turn down.

So the dogs will get good bones, and I will be ever so grateful for the love and life I have, and laugh with my friends once more. I hope all of you will do the same.

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