Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20 - Finished the Snow Scene and Just in TIME!

"Waiting for Supper" 16 x 12 Oil
So much fun to finish this painting up and post it for you just before I am leaving for the East Coast again.  Remember last year in New York City?  I went to both MOMA and the Met, and filled my mind with some amazing artwork.  I hope to do that and more this time!  Of course, Sparky is going with me.  Today he got his "traveling papers" for the flight.  
In finishing up this painting, I used some gel medium and painted in the rays of the evening sun coming through the branches.  This is yet another "stitching" move to link together larger areas of the painting.  Like telephone poles, tree trunks and the like, these linear shapes can make a quilt-like connection between larger areas of differing values or color. 

Last time I wrote to you, it was in the high eighties out here in California.  Now as I look out my window as the rain streaks it wet-down, and the wind buffets the big pines behind the house.  I make rounds to keep the gutters and ditches clear of debris, and enjoy this rain coming down.  Good for the dry soil, but not for the ski slopes, since the weather up there isn't cold enough for snow.  
I'm glad I had my chance up there, and perhaps it will improve for when I return.  I did go ice skating a couple of days ago, and tried to attach an image that had me going around in circles... to no avail!

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