Friday, September 24, 2010

Sep 24 - Almost Covered, and Design!! (and Aikido)

Now that the canvas is 99% covered, and without details, anyone can see the feeling of evening light through the trees and the twilight cast of night sky on the lower 2/3 of the canvas. The only details define the near ground with the big shapes that let us know what's going on in the stream and lower canvas.

I've included a duplicate image below, because I wanted anyone interested in design and "pathways" from yesterday's blog to see what I mean graphically. Most artists learn by seeing, (at least I do!) so here goes:

In the image to the left, everywhere there is an implied or real edge (transition area) that is important to the design, I've drawn a light line. You can enlarge these images by clicking on them.) The primary focal point of the horses (which are not there completely yet) is the end- or through- point of many of those curving lines.

The curves are intentionally serene, not abrupt nor jagged, creating a peaceful flow throughout the canvas. Any small jutting shapes (such as on the mini-islands in the stream) are small and of little consequence to the overall design.

Although this landscape might be a combination of scenes on Fay's farm in Georgia, it is the ARTIST who picks and chooses subjects and then places and evaluates what becomes important (or not) on the small surface of a canvas. That's our JOB. It ain't an easy one, but never gets dull.

In my aikido training, I didn't realize how much the last four years of training have affected me--always thinking I'm such a beginner--until I witnessed the testing last night. Seeing those people on the mat doing the first test I'd passed many months ago, and just KNOWING what was supposed to happen made me realize that in all things, like painting, we need to constantly practice to get better. Sometimes we don't realize what we don't know until we surround ourselves with others who know more, and know less. I'm doing an Iriminage throw in this sketch.

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