Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sep 21 - New Painting and the DVDs are DONE!

What you'll be seeing in the next five days is what happened in my studio in two hours. I love a challenge, and surely had one with this opportunity. Karen LaBach of the American Academy of Equine Art asked me to send a "small" painting for the World Equestrian Games display, since I'm one of two instructors with AAEA workshops coming up in the spring (mine's here in California!). I said I have a 12 x 16, and she replied, "no, the other artist's is 18 x 24, so that's what we consider 'small' on that display space."

Ulp. So I don't have ANYthing recent that represents the Color System that wasn't lost in the boxes from my workshops. I remember one I'd done in Georgia that I don't even have a photo record of which just felt right to redo, differently, of course! So with reference material from that magical time, I've started (and finished) this 24 x 18 canvas, which will be shipped out tomorrow to Kentucky. The reference material is on each side, and those of you who remember the painting I did on the last day of the Georgia workshop will remember the right-hand photo.

The Colorful Painting 4 master DVDs are in the hands of the duplication service, and I'll have the copies back Wednesday! The "Advanced Techniques" on the second disk is what took so much more time... there are TWELVE different areas of advanced techniques! From mid-ground transitions to edges, to brushwork, to color balance--it's ALL there, adding another half hour to the production! (And three days of editing, with voice overs.) Here's the sub-menu I had to make to handle half the topics. Each section represents one-sixth of the information.

Because of the painting marathon today, I haven't updated the web site so you can buy them yet. The price for the two DVD set will be $34.95 with $4 shipping. TOMORROW... I promise! Links, I PROMISE!!!

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