Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sep 22 - The First Paint and the DVD Links!

As I start adding color to this acrylic (24 x 18), I'm thinking about the value structure at every moment. Even at this stage, you can see the lighter values going into the darker areas on the upper areas of this canvas. I'm completely in the COOL BOX, since this painting will be almost twilight, with only a flash of evening sun coming through the trees on the upper left. There will be a stream in the lower third, and I've laid in some of the "Trifecta" sky colors there already. (Trifecta is the trio of hard workers of Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin/Quinacradone Magenta and Yellow Ochre). Everything else you see at this stage is the four darkest values from the Cool Box. I'm using a one-inch filbert for these big areas.

YES!! FINALLY!!! The link for the newest DVD is up and running!!! (My internet at the house fell through the cracks so I'm typing and working from a wifi about a mile from my studio. Never a dull moment, eh?) Here's the second menu for the Advanced Techniques included on the second DVD in the set. Now who's going to be the FIRST to order? Here's the direct URL:

I spent the morning shipping the painting to Lexington, and again working with my friend Ron Wood on his glass projects. Back to the easel for more light and color tomorrow!

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Happy FULL MOON!!!

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