Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jun 2 - The Cover Continues - Star Sons

Here's the first pass on the cover of the Star Sons saga. At this point, the 20 x 16 oil has the major shapes laid in, and the colors are starting to come out. I'm finding edges and making marks as I create, so the final painting only exists in my mind. There (amidst a lot of other issues crowding my eclectic mind), the finished painting is aching to get out and onto the canvas.

I've sent the image to the author and her printer, and adjust it as the needs of the cover printing demand. That's a minor issue to me, as I'm enjoying painting this--sort of like a road trip with interesting side journeys.

Other news... is there something going around? I had all of my paintings, supplies, DVDs and clothes stolen when my shipping boxes were delivered to the wrong house and quickly taken by thieves before my neighbor even knew they were there.

If you want to see the depth of my loss, please look over the last couple months' of my blog, and know that ALL of those paintings are now gone--the egret, the turtle, the mare and foal in the morning pasture, the groom with the grey in the green blanket...all in the hands of some lowlifes who wouldn't know a brush from a drug needle. I realize these are just "things", and I have the ability to replenish these works with better ones, but I sure ache at knowing some of my best paintings are gone forever. Gone, too, are all my samples from the workshops back east, as well. I'm so glad that many of you purchased those before I shipped the rest.

It will be OK. I've been through worse. It just could have happened at a much better time, ya theenk? I even lost my beloved Hennessy hammock. Ah well... Willow is a pure delight as she settles into being by my side at every move. Her new dog bed arrived today--via UPS to the RIGHT house. Sigh...

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Victoria on Okinawa said...

So sorry to hear this happened. Thanking God no person was physically harmed during the theft, other than your soul being harmed. Praying your spirit and soul will be restored.