Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jun 3 - Thanks and the Cover Painting Continued

Now the painting is starting to take on character... That's Ethan in the back in the white shirt, and his younger brother Jake in the foreground, still in elven attire. I love the strength of this composition, supported as it is by the dark tree shapes on either side. and the light shape in the middle. Much more work to be done on this!

Thanks need to go out to all of you who were first turn kind, then angry, at the loss of my shipping boxes. If your emotions could hit the offender(s), I know they're rotting in whatever personal hell is their world. I've filed police reports, insurance reports and talked to the UPS people. My "regular" driver Steve was off sick on the day the boxes were delivered, or else it wouldn't have happened. I'm going shopping for some of the replacement items, which means I've pretty much given up hope of any returns, and guess I'll just have to knuckle down and make more and better paintings. Your benefit, and actually, mine, too.

I live by the philosophy that "things happen the way they are supposed to" and this is just one of those "things". A little more time, and I ought to be over it. I had a bit of a shock when I discovered that the hiking shoes I'd bought on sale would cost over $95 to replace, though. Ouch.

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Christine Curry said...

I love this painting so far, Elin!