Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22 - New Commission First Sketch

Time for a new cover commission, and the first sketch is here for you to enjoy. This cover will be the second in the Star Sons series by Lynda Sappington. She's quite an author, as well as artist, and a good friend. This cover will go through several major changes, but the initial sketches are to iron out the major issues of position and "feel" of the cover. I'm doing my own aikido weapons training, so am really pleased at their sword positions. I want their poses to be authentic and deliver controlled power. A little drama won't hurt, though!

The two boys introduced in the first book are grown into young men now, and are continuing their lives associated with the magical world. My first cover featured the phoenix, which was a major player in that story. In this second book, the pair are now assuming the major roles.

Here's her first book, which is available through many sources. My cover is more brilliant than this reproduction, and that painting is in the author's hands now.

On other news, I'm dealing with some sadness about a dear friend going through some life challenges. It's hard when one cares, and yet cannot do anything to make a difference. All we can do is tell them we care, and hope they'll know we are giving them our best hopes. We'll all face our own mortality in due time, so how these people live to theirs is a lesson for us. My friend is an amazing woman, one I'm proud to know.

Next week I take three paintings to San Diego for the Women Artists of the West show at the Wieghorst Museum in El Cajon.

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