Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dec 24 - Still inside and painting!

The guidelines from yesterday are driving the values as I push the design further into the darks. I elected to put a strip of dark under the edge to push the pears back from the viewer. Although not a relatively good design choice, I believe that linking the middle shadow to it will create the visual path that we need to "get into" the composition. Let's see how it develops.

No color yet, just the grays of the ultramarine blue, burnt umber and some thalo green whispered in to create that backdrop. (You can refer back to yesterday's post to see the source.)

Now later today, family will be emerging from all quadrants of the compass to bring holiday cheer and laughter to my nephew's here in Northern New Jersey. The snow is still on the ground, but the roads are clear. The tree is surrounded by presents, firewood is laid in, and the food is being prepared as I type this.

Aren't the shadows and the blues of this scene out the front door just wonderful? In California, we're dominated by browns, grays and gray-greens. Here it is all about the complementary hues of blue and grayed oranges! More paintings coming from this trip, "you betcha"! Getting my eyeballs filled with snow patterns and shadows!

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