Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oct 13 - Riverside National Cemetery, Evening

Last weekend I painted on location at the Riverside National Cemetery near my studio. A 12 x 12 evening light oil came off my brushes, and I left the site both satisfied and sad. Satisfied, because the painting was done to this stage so easily, with my brushes flying across the surface. The nuances of color reflecting the evening light of the Color System are readily apparent as one gazes across the hundreds of grave stones.

And sad, because just before my Dad died in 1998, I asked him, when I needed some love and support, if he could come to me in this specific place. He replied, "If there is any way possible, I will be there for you," and I am sure he was. Before I painted, I walked through the grave stones, and was stopped short on one with part of his name inscribed. I knelt down and cried, so much so that just remembering it brings me to tears again. He was there with and for me, in so many ways I needed just that support at that time.

You see, sometimes bad things happen to good people, and I'm dealing with something particularly difficult right now. It is taking all my strength and support from family and close friends to deal with it. Yet I continue to do my art, continue to be who I am, and I cannot change what is or what will unfold. I so appreciate your continuing to be with me while I go forward and onward, and please know I gather strength from your presence.

Like my Dad, I can be there for you, too, in all things about art and painting.

I am continuing to work on the newest DVD. The cameras are rolling, and after I share the final painting of the Tennessee Walker commission, I'll be sharing snippets of the first and second paintings with you. They are going to be really corkers! The first one is an 18 x 20 oil of misty light across a pasture, from material gathered in Florida this year.

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