Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct 10 - The Commission Continues

I'm working on the TWH commission today, and have brought it further along, making the larger shapes in the background more interesting. It isn't finished yet, (no buyer approval at this stage) so I will be adding more grasses and details to the focal areas.
And having the horse's head this way is due to the source material--tough all the way, with a winter/no sun/furry head shot and the other being inside an arena in summer coat. Verrrry tough!
My question is whether the horse is a palomino or champagne color. I've painted it more as a palomino, but may have to rework it if I am told it isn't. Thus goes some issues with commissions.

I'm filming the video for the next DVD now, and loving every moment! I must be part actress, because the cameras are like old friends. I had a moment when I thought that there might be some consternation with hitting the "record" buttons, but nope! Action! After the filming comes the hours of editing... and then forming the results into a DVD master. If you don't hear from me for a few days, that'll be why.

In other news, fall is finally here with cool nights, and the garden boxes are full of the winter crops coming up--Swiss chard, beets, lettuces and lots of spinach!
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