Monday, May 04, 2009

May 4 - Workshop in Georgia Going On!

I'm in Georgia teaching the first of two workshops--five days of Color Boot Camp. This acrylic was a quick study done yesterday to demonstrate the value plan of a large light in midtones. The weather is WONDERFUL for this California gal, with rain ad cool breezes, I'm "plumping up" as the moisture kisses my face!

This image might look familiar to you because of my doing it for another workship at another time of day. This one is morning light, and that one was evening light. One can vary the time of day when working with source material with the Color System. Right now the students are doing a brand new exercise of painting without mixing any colors together--just finding the correct values by deciding which color straight from the tube is the value they need. Their brains are hurting!

The very sad note, and one of the reasons I haven't been able to post, is that we lost Shadow the Tibetan Mastiff pup to parvo virus a week ago. I cannot tell you how much of a hole his death has put in our lives, but it has taken until now to even write of it. He is buried up on the hill by Chiron's corral, and near the pond where he would drink and play.

Everyone else is fine, and Sparky is here with me in Georgia. A fun week ahead for all of us!

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Hi Elin:
Sorry to hear about Shadow. Our pets are part of us and all animals are apart of our world. Always remember another can't replace them, but there is always another willing to give their all to please us,to make a new chapter in our life.
Therefore it is the hours of joyful times in which to be remembered before we share them with the our lord.
I lost 2 dogs to Parvo in 1980. I have had many dogs,cats and horses.
in my lifetime,and I'd do it all over again.