Thursday, January 01, 2009

Jan 1 - Happy New Year Holiday Lights!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Holiday Lights and the third painting of the Mission Inn done on location. Fun to paint the landmarks and capture the "feel" of the night. This is the Mission Inn Skybridge that has a totally different look in daytime. You can follow this link to see another view of it during the daytime.

This was done with the interactive acrylics - Golden Open acrylics - which I am learning to enjoy. Only 6 x 8 inches, it was done quickly and loosely. These paints handle like oils, yet dry to the touch usually one day later. I was positioned on the lawn near the parking structure and had many, many folks stop by and comment--more so than in front of the Inn. Go figure. Sparky was with me and again let me know when folks would approach. Good dog!

This new year will bring many challenges, several workshops, and exciting artwork and lessons coming your way. I hope you'll continue to stay with me, and please share these with your friends!

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