Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov 10 - Finished 30x30 Oil, Pack Mules Aspens

Finally finished this one, and I am so pleased with it. Although a struggle to keep the pack horses and rider as a secondary focal point, I think I managed to pull it off, and actually, the end result was easier than I expected. Had I painted this image even one year ago, I would have put those animals in full sunlight, and the aspens would have played second fiddle. I'm much more pleased with these paintings, some of which are scheduled for entry into the Saks Gallery Show in Denver--the Women Artists of the West membership show, opening in January.

One reason I was away from the easel was because of a too-short visit from Jennie Scott from Australia who blew through on her way from Northern California to Houston, Texas. Jennie is a well-known sculptor of horses, and here's an image of her at my dining room table working on one of her raku sculptures--and right beside her are two of the driftwood and ceramic pieces. WOW, to see them "for real" was quite a treat. And Jennie is a lively, wonderful lady who is welcome to visit any time! In the early morning she was out walking and seeing the coyotes. And you just know I loved to hear her talk with that "Aussie" accent!
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kathi dunphy said...

Ive been avidly following this one, and what a wonderful finished painting! I love that the horses are a secondary discovery after the wow of the aspens. Your step by step postings are an education for me, trying to figure out how to do acrylics. I have huge difficulty when looking at my reference pic, figuring out how to start laying in the undercoat layers, how seemingly unrelated colors are built up to quite something else. I know it works by looking at your paintings, but I just cant figure how to choose the under colors.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain some of the logic to your color system? I'm curious about it but I don't see any kind of "taste" of it on the site.


artbymj said...

Thank you, thank you for this wonderful lesson, Elin, and even moreso for your dedication and time put into teaching. It is so valuable to see this through the different stages and bells went off in my head, "I get it!" with each posting (now if I can just apply it!) I hope you feel the appreciation from the many of us who are on the receiving end of your willingness to teach.